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6 Jul 2017
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A Good Night's Sleep With Wicking Pajamas


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Posted By Lynn L.

People who suffer from night sweats are often woken up by a sudden rush of heat and kept awake because their bodies are covered in sweat. Wicking pajamas will help eliminate sweating issues by allowing the person to dry off quickly without ever having to get out of bed. This gives the person the opportunity to comfortably go right back to sleep.

Menopause is one of the known causes of night sweats, but there are several other reasons that people experience night sweats. Pregnancy, chemotherapy and diabetes are some of the other reasons a person may experience spikes in his or her body temperature. Consequently, wicking sleepwear is created for both men and women, and there are now child-size versions available.

Some types of fabric are said to "breathe," but the real wicking sleepwear is designed from special materials made to specifically allow the moisture to evaporate. This same sort of technology is used for some exercise wear, camping gear and sweat shirts. When the technology is incorporated into pajamas, it provides a much faster drying time than plain cotton or other traditional fabrics.

Standard two-piece pajama sets are not the only way to experience the benefits of wicking sleepwear. This sleepwear comes in night shirts, gowns and other types of pajamas. All of these allow the person to have a comfortable sleep all night long.

The thought of high-tech fabrics for pajamas may be a bit outside the box, but technology is important for making wicking products that help people. Polyester is one of the materials used in wicking sleepwear because it pulls the sweat from the body and gets rid of it through the fibers in the fabric. Polyester holds less water than cotton does, making it a better material to use for pajamas.

The polyester fibers are weaved and twisted to expand their wicking capability. The fibers texture is controlled carefully to maximize its use in this area. Next, the fabric is turned into pajamas and other clothing so that the wicking ability is usable.

Wicking sleepwear is a little more expensive than other types of pajamas because of the extensive technology used to make the fabrics. Oftentimes, there might be a shortage of raw fabric which can drive the cost up. It also can make the wicking sleepwear a little harder to find.

Regardless of the cost, most people who use wicking sleepwear find that the investment is well worth it. In the daytime, wicking will prevent any clothing from being too wet and allow for more comfort when exercising. At night, the wicking works for quick comfort after having a hot flash. This makes the wicking sleepwear more popular with people who experience sudden changes in their body temperatures.

If you are someone who has experienced those night sweats, or you have to contend with hot nights and no air conditioning, try wicking sleepwear and you will find that you are more comfortable than you have been in a long time. When you sleep better, you are ready to face the challenges that the next day brings.

If you are someone who has experienced night sweats, or you have to contend with hot nights and no air conditioning, try wicking pajamas and you will find that you are more comfortable than you have been in a long time.

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By Arlene C. on JUL 10 2017 @ 9:10PM

Do regular pajamas say whether they are made for wicking, or do you have to find ones that are made especially with this in mind?

By Velma M. on JUL 10 2017 @ 1:05PM

They should just call them drying pajamas or something other than wicking, just sounds kinda wierd.

By Julian S. on JUL 10 2017 @ 7:21AM

I just sleep with underpants on.

By Karen S. on JUL 9 2017 @ 6:11PM

Would you get wicking sheets too?

By Curtis T. on JUL 9 2017 @ 9:07AM

So, this is like just if you sweat a lot, right?

By Elva J. on JUL 9 2017 @ 8:05AM

I never realized that polyester does a better job of removing moisture than cotton.

By Hattie K. on JUL 8 2017 @ 10:11AM

I suppose I'd be more comfortable dry than moist, don't usually think about it though.

By Sheri M. on JUL 7 2017 @ 8:09PM

This article must have been written with me in mind! My apartment gets so humid that I basically just get soaked in sweat every night.

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