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22 Jun 2017
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Is Luxury Bedding Worth The Money?

There is no doubt that the growth in luxury bedding has been fuelled by growth in the Internet and the fact that companies are now able to promote their goods at the click of a button.

30 Jun 2017
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How to Select the Best Girls Bedding Sets

Girls bedding sets are very popular among little girls and all the way up to teenagers. They come in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. Some of them even come with characters and celebrities themes designed into them as well.

22 Jun 2017
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Metal Bunk Beds - Top Benefits to Consider

If you're considering adding bunk beds to a bedroom in your home, metal bunk beds may be the right way to go. Metal bunkbeds are becoming a popular choice today because they offer so many great benefits from the start.

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  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By Andres F.   44 Favs   9 Comments

    Decorating a Child's Bedroom

    If you are looking to make the perfect bedroom for your child you have a lot of neat choices to choose from. There are several steps you can take that won't break your back while trying to impress them. It can be stressful trying to decorate any room in the house, but knowing that your child is a part of it can help out tremendously.

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  •   21 Jul 2017   Posted By Curtis T.   37 Favs   4 Comments

    Get Your Kids to Clean Their Room

    Getting your kids to clean their room should not be a chore for you. There are ways to help kids understand the importance of keeping their room clean and showing them how easy it is to keep everything in its place by helping them the first few times.

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  •   10 Jul 2017   Posted By Devon B.   40 Favs   3 Comments

    Convertible Chair Bed are Trendy and Functional

    Everybody has heard about convertible sofa beds, but did you know that you can also get a convertible chair bed? Let's take a look at a couple of different styles, who makes them, and why you would want one.

    Two manufacturers of the convertible chair bed are Wholesale Interiors and Furniture FX.

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  •   19 Jun 2017   Posted By Leroy S.   92 Favs   3 Comments

    Contemporary Bedroom Furniture - Perfect For Bachelor Pads

    There are two types of bachelor pads, those of men who want to stay single and those of men who would like to land the perfect special someone. For the men who want to remain single, this article is not going to help. But, for those who are ready to create a bachelor pad that will endear them to the ladies, read on.

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  •   30 Jun 2017   Posted By Earnest T.   76 Favs   5 Comments

    Bedroom Bench - Where You Can Use One

    While you may have only heard of beds and possibly a vanity chair in a bedroom there is another seating furniture option that deserves consideration, a bedroom bench

    Bedroom benches go especially well in large bedrooms.

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  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Howard B.   61 Favs   3 Comments

    Discounted Waterbed Sheets - Tips To Help You Find The Best

    Finding good discounted waterbed sheets today can be a rather difficult task. Again, is there are more and more people purchasing waterbeds today, and there are more manufacturers who make the waterbed sheets in order to meet demand.

    Obviously, the quality varies quite a bit from company to company.

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  •   4 Jul 2017   Posted By Heidi M.   48 Favs   9 Comments

    Children's Duvet Covers

    If there is one area of the online retail market which has been significantly impacted by the ability to shop 24 hours a day seven days a week it is the bedding arena. There is now so much competition in the children's duvet covers market that you are literally spoilt for choice and there are some very impressive bargains out there.

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  •   27 Jun 2017   Posted By Wilson F.   43 Favs   8 Comments

    How to Bring Feng Shui into the Bedroom

    When it comes to Feng Shui in the bedroom, you should arrange the space to support your best rest and connection with your partner and with yourself. The ambience of the bedroom should be inviting, exciting and calming all tied into one.

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  •   21 Jun 2017   Posted By Olive B.   58 Favs   5 Comments

    Celebrity Bedding

    Celebrities are now entering every part of our lives and there are now celebrity bedding ranges available today. It seems there is no escaping from some of the best names in pop, films and TV.

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