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13 Jul 2017
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Choosing Bedroom Furniture - Balancing Sleep, Storage and Space


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Posted By Ramiro R.

Bedroom furniture says more about you than perhaps any other room in the house. Choosing bedroom furniture is often a matter of self indulgence, selecting furniture solutions for your bedroom that will be appreciated and used by you, rather than your family or guests. Throughout your whole house you'll almost certainly be conscious of how your furniture and interior decor looks from the point of view of guests or visitors. But your bedroom is your private sanctuary, and as such, your choice of bedroom furniture will say more about you than you might realise!

What does your current bedroom furniture say about you? Perhaps your wardrobes are bulging, with piles of clothes and bedding tumbling out in heaps, the drawers bursting so that it requires a good heave to close them each time - or perhaps you have lost the space to get prepared for the day in a relaxed way. Certainly opening your eyes each morning to be greeted by your own shrine to clothing chaos is hardly the best way to start the day!

When it comes to choosing bedroom furniture there is a great deal of choice available, both in terms of the actual furniture you choose, and the various styles and options available. From children's bedroom furniture to modern bedroom furniture, from contemporary styles to traditional bedroom furniture, the first stage is always to consider the use and likely needs of your bedroom. This will help set you on the right path to choosing furniture that will not only look great and improve the rooms dramatically, but will continue to provide adequate storage and ideal service for many years to come.

For most of us, bedrooms serve two main purposes - sleeping and storage. One might add 'beauty treatments, self indulgence and pampering' to the list, but the beauty of a bedroom is that it can be almost anything you want. But to address the two basic needs, sleep and storage it is obviously important to think about beds and bedding solutions as well as wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedroom cabinets.

Children's bedroom furniture can present a range of unique challenges. Firstly, children's bedrooms tend to be much smaller, meaning that the floor area has to be used in particularly efficient ways. Children need some floor space to play and so filling every inch of space with a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers may result in you losing a good chunk of space in your living area as your children will have nowhere to play in their own rooms.

From children's bunk beds to space saving bed combinations, with a desk or play area underneath and a top bunk bed above, providing space for playing, working or just chilling out is important. Giving children a space of their own that they can actually use is essential for both them and for your own sanity at times!

For your own bedroom it may well be important to think about storage, since packing too many clothes into drawers or small wardrobes or tallboys simply means that your clothes become creased and spoilt - that's if you can even find them in the first place. One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing bedroom furniture is buying wardrobes and chests of drawers that are suitable for the current needs. Buying wardrobes with enough space to cope with the new clothes, coats and outfits likely to be purchased in the future will help to ensure that they remain useful for longer.

If you have a large number of smaller items of clothing rather than big bulky coats, dresses or suits, then it may be worth looking at wardrobe and drawer combinations which offer a more flexible bedroom storage. This is a valuable alternative to crushing piles of delicate clothes at the bottom of your wardrobe or crammed into drawers.

But as well as considering the items of furniture in your room such as beds, wardrobes, cabinets, tables, dressers and chests of drawers it's also important to consider the type of style, design and finish, since this is likely to have a very significant impact on the overall feel of your bedroom. Pine bedroom furniture when coupled with crisp white bed linen can create a fresh, country feel in any bedroom. Darker woods such as stained pine, mahogany, cherry or walnut finishes can help to create a warmer, more intimate atmosphere, perfect for helping you to relax at the end of the day.

When choosing bedroom furniture, a good tip is to measure your bedroom, and think about the likely storage and furniture needs. Then draw a plan of your room on paper, and cut out shapes representing the items of furniture, allowing you to be creative with layouts and sizes. Remember - whether you're looking at buying children's furniture or modern bedroom furniture for yourself or your guests, it's important to be realistically practical with the use of space, as well as indulgent when it comes to style and design.

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Comments (8)

By Jess J. on JUL 17 2017 @ 1:10PM

I rely on my closets for the storage part.

By Denis N. on JUL 17 2017 @ 12:10PM

I like keeping my bedroom really simple, too much stuff is just distracting and makes it hard for me to sleep.

By Bobbie F. on JUL 17 2017 @ 8:15AM

We use clear plastic bins in my son's room, this lets him keep his stuff organized and put away, but he can quickly see inside of them too, to get what he wants fast.

By Lydia I. on JUL 16 2017 @ 4:20PM

This is a good point, with any furniture the goal is to make it look good, and still give you maximum functionality at the same time.

By Etta S. on JUL 16 2017 @ 8:03AM

I clip a reading light to my headboard because it's the only way I can get light right on a book in bed. Suprisingly difficult thing to do.

By George W. on JUL 15 2017 @ 4:17PM

If you're tight on space you can try getting under bed storage bins, or get a bed frame with storage drawers built into it.

By Ricardo W. on JUL 15 2017 @ 8:23AM

I picke up a dresser at a yard sale and re-stained it myself. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the reslults.

By Max M. on JUL 15 2017 @ 6:02AM

Pay attention to basic color coordianation and it will look good.

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