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4 Jul 2017
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DIY Room Painting Work


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Posted By Lynn D.

While it does take a bit of effort and hard work, painting your rooms something most people can do. If your household has not been painted in awhile, you know that a painting project is often a challenge. If you complete adequate prep work and you make the time, you will be able to save some money carrying it out yourself. If you believe that there isn't the time, then you must look into hiring someone.

After years, the paint on your wall is likely to either come to fade or peel. At this point almost all you are able to do is to get a paint scraper and scrape as much of the paint off as you can. When you have an older home, there's every chance that you have layers of old paint underneath your current one. You are going to encounter a tougher time in the event the layers of paint below are oil-based. After you get your peeled paint stripped off, and scraped as best as you're able, then you need to putty the holes in the wood, spackle the bare spots in the drywall, and next, sand it as good as you can. Once this is done, wipe off the dust, and give it time to get completely dry. Make sure you wait approximately 24 hours to fully dry.

On the list of much bigger complications with older homes is from moisture build-up. You could find paint fractures if your home contains excessive condensation or leaks. It is prevalent inside the bathrooms where there is increased moisture along with mold and mildew. Though commonplace in bathrooms, this concern can also occur in other parts of the home. Water leaks could cause paint cracks along with shrubs that are too close to the house. If your paint is cracking caused by moisture content, then you need to find a different option. If it's inside of the living space, you will need to come up with a solution that is one part bleach and three parts water to remove the paint and kill the mildew. If it is on the outside of the home, merely use the solution that accompanies a pressure washer.

Whenever the paint on your residence is starting to vanish, that is also a good time to repaint. This typically develops outside when you have direct sunshine almost daily. To lessen fade, avoid using bright colors like red for the house. If you'd like some form of deeper color, find one with a ruddy tone or golden.

To have your residence looking nice, don't ever let it get into that bad of shape. You need to take some time to repaint every few years and deal with any leaks once they happen.

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By Homer L. on JUL 8 2017 @ 2:16PM

Don't pick too dark of a color, when you're whole room is painted dark, it will be really depressing.

By Laurel H. on JUL 8 2017 @ 8:06AM

You're supposed to use latex paint for bedrooms, right?

By Hattie K. on JUL 7 2017 @ 8:22PM

Painting a room is actually pretty fun to do.

By Andrew W. on JUL 6 2017 @ 7:02PM

Realize up front that the prep work will take you just as long as the actual painting. Putting down the dropcloths, taping all your edges. Then you won't feel like you're not making good progress on it.

By Tabitha S. on JUL 6 2017 @ 10:14AM

Is it necessary to use primer, what is that for anyway?

By Brent D. on JUL 5 2017 @ 11:11AM

Be ready to do a couple of coats. That first one might look good at first, but when it dries and sets you'll notice that the coverage is thinner than it looked.

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